Monday, April 28, 2014

Stained Lip : A Makeup Look

Same look but with an red-orange lipstick

New media outlet : Youtube! I always wanted to try my hand at filming, video editing and mixing. I chose to demonstrate a very easy, fresh and modern look : strong brows and stained lip. Nothing on the eyes, not even mascara (I know). Honestly, I have been wandering around the city for the past few days and no one has noticed my bare - read invisible - lashes. Maybe it is all in my head after all. 

This clean yet slight editorial direction on the red lip will translate into your outfit. It will create a contemporary and modern feel while being casual : its the juxtaposition of the definition of the brows versus the messy smeared lips. Anything goes with this look : grunge, preppy, girly, even fobby! (jokes)

Song of the week :

I realized I get quite obsessed by THINGS : a song, a color, a garment, an activity, a person. I didn't say "crazy-stalker-24/7" kind of obsessed, just the "I will listen to a song on repeat for days until I get mental nausea from it" kind. Like back in High school, my obsession has been remixes these past weeks and of course Harvey Specter Suits.    

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The City

I have been creatively inspired lately by music, films and friends. Therefore, my motivation towards Uni has decreased accordingly, sadly. I've recently watched "The Talented Mr.Ripey" which is an incredible, captivating and beautiful thriller set in the 1950s Naples. The simple storyline with complex characters was brought to life and made human by the incredible performances by Jude Law (at his utmost gorgeousness), Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Paltrow. Another movie worth watching was "Enemy" directed by Denis Villeneuve, based on a novel by José Saramago and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Now, this is movie deserve its own category of genre. Let's add that we are talking about a Canadian, and more specifically, a film quebécois! "Enemy" is an erotic thriller about a man discovering his doppelganger. Sounds simple but it is far from that. What is truly gripping is not only the twists in the plot but also the post-film process of trying to dissect the clues and trails left behind in order to make something out of the whole film. The use of the cinematography and music to depict the subconsciousness of one's mind transformed the booming and cosmopolitan city of Toronto into an eerie and haunting nightmare. It will leave you frightened and shaken, in the best way.

My good friends Laurent and Phoebe shot this while on a "photography day". I learned quite a chunk of photography jargon! The idea was to find a background that would make it unseeming to be in Montreal. Also, the editing and the inspiration was a completely based of the band "The 1975". I have been, still am, utterly immersed 24/7 in their music, choice of aesthetic and most of all, their eloquent and articulate speech. As you can tell : the title, the black and white and the grungy background. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Café Bloom : brunch and catching up

Un petit samedi bien tranquille au Café Bloom avec une copine du secondaire. Non seulement notre amitié date de plus d'un décennie mais la sphère du blog nous relie aussi! Missadri est le nom de son blog. Son site web montre vraiment qu'elle est une jeune demoiselle passionnée et douée (depuis qu'on était que des gosses) pour l'art graphique, le design, l'illustration et la photographie. Côté bouffe : Le brunch était vraiment délicieux! J'ai complètement flippé pour le Bol de brunch : tous pleins d'ingrédients bons pour votre petit corps. Un mélange harmonieux de cru, de cuits, de caramélisé et d'acidulé. Nous avons discuté de mon voyage en Pologne, de sa vie actuelle, de l'incertitude du futur, de notre désir d'explorer le reste de la planète, des folies du passé et de la misère des hommes. Ah, des conversations tant légères que réelles. 

Depuis quelques mois, je suis partie dans un quête relentless de bagues argentés (du sterlign silver) de bonne qualité mais à prix modique. Je suis complètement in awe des photos inspo d'assortissements de bagues, bracelets et montres argentés. J'adore le mélange entre cette couleur froide sur un sweater, une blouse, une chemise, un t-shirt usé..enfin avec tout quoi! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Yeah, totally shed off a few pounds by chopping everything off! As they say : new hair, new me. Despite the obvious cliché, there is a refreshing and renewing sense of improvement of self when cutting your hair. It felt very good to let go of the "long" locks I've sported for the past few months. It really felt like a catharsis for me : a weight lifted of your shoulders, literally. 

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year to y'all! Horses, be cautious this year! Apparently, it's not our year. Well, as long as it's better than last year, it can't be that bad. We will live!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Miscellaneous Things

I like very organic and natural pictures. I haven't found what my kind of particular aesthetic I identify with but I know I enjoy capturing light, people, expressions and moments. Also, as random as it sounds, I have always loved looking at pictures of desks. Weird, right? Your work area can be minimalist, eclectic, purist or a big pile of mess. I mean, it is the placed you poured all of the brain juice when you are working or cramming for an exam! It has to somewhat inspire or light up a transmission in your brain. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stone Cold Reality

It's only been a few days since I've been back to Montreal and it's not has bad as I thought it would be! Even though the University's administration is still a paperwork maze and the waiting time is never ending loophole, everything is slowly settling into place. Travelling has definitively saved me in so many ways. It has thought me so much. My friend who has gone to Poland were discussing about the project and it's amazing impact it has had us. 

I can't say for certain what this year will bring but I can say that I'm ready to face the music! Let the new year begin and let's destroy to world, as my good Italian friend would say!
Just a super casual studying and catching up with an old friend from High School! Some of the accessories that I am wearing have a anecdote behind it which make them ten times more precious. For example, these running shoes that I -- well technically I didn't buy them for myself -- am wearing were bought on a date in Wroclaw! Hahahaha. I am laughing just thinking about it. I didn't have any shoes to wear to go to a dance class - my student invited me to a House Dance class which is terribly hard - so we went on a search of cheap shoes. They didn't exist anywhere so the boy offered to pay for these bad-ass Nike shoes and told me I could pay him later which I did, of course!  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Those autumn days

Finally arrived in Wroclaw a week and a half ago! The unknown surroundings have really made a mark on me. Surprisingly, it had taken me about a week to get settled in my new room and dorm. The distant memories of my hometown, friends and family had really left me feeling nostalgic and homesick. But the lightness of being completely free has really uplifted my spirits. Not to mention the amazing people that I have had the delight of meeting!

It was one of those perfect autumn days : warm and bright sun, fresh temperature, millions of tree leaves on the grass and beautiful autumnal colors. One of our first ventures outside of our forms with all the other EPs (Exchange Participants) of the same project! The City Center, also known as Market Square, is a beautiful place to go out during the night. With all the variety of cheap pubs that run along the sides of the Square, there is something for everyone!